Did you know that it takes an average of 29 days to hire someone through referral and an average of 55 days through a career site? Not to mention the time spent on administrative HR work and the long interview process.

What if you need someone to come in faster? Time is money in business, so what is the solution?

Outsource the work! By doing so, you could have achieved so much in those weeks while waiting for the hire. However, is it possible to get someone to do the work for you in less than a week?

The answer is yes! 

In today's fast-paced world, companies like Google, Alibaba, Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, etc. grow their business by outsourcing their work to a third party. 

Instead of struggling to find the right talent and worrying about their performance, outsource work to these on-demand specialised professionals like digital marketers, graphic designers, web developers and more and pay only for the results.

Here's 3 tips on how you can outsource work quickly:

1. Breakdown job description into 'Gigs'

Jobs can be restructured as 'gigs'. A gig is a job that lasts a certain period of time, often the life of a project, or as long as a company has that specific need.

Job descriptions are task-oriented and not goal specific. Have the end goal in mind and work out the steps to get there. With that, you will be able to craft a project brief with your specific budget, timeline and deliverables.

For example, the job scope for a digital marketing strategist can be broken down into a few 'gigs' such as launching a digital marketing campaign for new products or generating 300 leads in 3 months.

Other than having a good brief, one should also communicate the expectations of the work arrangement like the mode of communication, response time, number of iterations allowed etc.


2. Broadcast 'gigs' on outsourcing marketplaces

Using platforms like ZomWork can help you find the right people for the 'gig'. These platforms provide a one-stop marketplace to post your 'gig' and allow you to view the portfolios and reviews for these professionals.

They also provide a list of prices for completed jobs which can help shed some light on how much you can price your projects. In addition, such platforms often provide communication and payment tools for ease and reducing paperwork.

Other than listing your 'gigs', you can also spread the word about them through your connections in social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. You never know what (or who) could pop up.


3. Look for quality, not quantity

Choose your candidates based on their quality, not quantity (how many jobs or projects they have done). 

When chatting with your candidates, evaluate them in your first five minutes by looking out for signs if they are responsive, showing clarity in their conversation and if they truly understand your brief.

There is a lot that both sides can assess during that first five minutes including the first impression, the sincerity of the interest, and communication skill.

You can use tools like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Hangout if you wish to speak and see them in person.

Apply and consider these three points carefully before you make a decision. The next few months of your business might depend on it. That being said, a gig worker would be a perfect option for companies with a lean team or those which have limited resources.

Find the right gig worker for your business needs now!

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Fanny Yap

Written by Fanny Yap

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