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Accelerating Digital Transformation with Design Thinking

Design thinking and digital transformation are terms that have been growing in prominence and importance in Singapore. Despite hearing the words being thrown about, it can still be difficult to get a precise hold on what they mean and how to apply them in business.

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Design Considerations in China

Designing is a complex and abstract process. It involves identifying the requirements, researching, generating and expanding on ideas, producing the design, testing, analysing and then potentially redesigning it. When entering a new market, design is inevitably THE aspect of your business which presents and defines your product or service to consumers. However, cultures, attitudes and consumers differ globally, and while an offering may receive a roaring response in one market, that is no guarantee that it will be successful in another market.

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Empowering Your Business With An Outsourcing Strategy

Is the scenario above familiar in your everyday work life? Does your business have a lean team that aims to pursue every potential opportunity?

Eventually, your team will be unable to focus on growing the business as non-important functions vie for time and demand skillsets your team may lack. 

How then can businesses improve and achieve more?

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Save Your Business: Know When To Outsource

To outsource or not, that is the question

With the benefits to gain from outsourcing, nobody can blame you for treating it as a business cure-all. After all, what better (or appealing) solution is there than having someone to handle your challenges? However, understanding when to outsource is the first step to gaining a competitive advantage with it.

Here's some guideline to help you decide when you should outsource to a freelancer (i.e. when you want the effortless way of getting results):

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3 Vital Lessons from The Future of Work to Act On

On 6 September 2018 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, over 500 attendees from various SMEs and industries gathered for the first gig economy conference in Singapore, The Future of Work, to learn how to navigate the evolving business landscape and tap onto the new world of work - the gig economy. 

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6 MUST DOs To Get The Most Out Of The Future Of Work

Join hundreds of like-minded people to learn and share best practices about the Gig Economy.

We have invited amazing expert-led guest speakers to inspire you on how you can do things differently and grow your business in a whole new way.

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