When models walk on the runway, they are judged entirely by how they look and strut in their outfits. The attendees don't really know them, but they know the models are good at their jobs because they are chosen to walk on the runway and exude confidence. One gig leads to another, models who walk the stage contracted by big brands.

Perhaps you are no model, but you sure do want to look great and win projects! Well, that is what portfolios can do for you.

The first thing that clients will look at is your portfolio that consists of your work, accomplishments, skillset and value. A portfolio is a brand and essential marketing tool for gig workers to pitch themselves to potential clients because it speaks a thousand words about who they are and what they can offer. You need less effort in convincing clients to hire you with a terrific portfolio.


However, don't mistake portfolio as your resume replacement. It emphasises your personality and value to potential clients. Since it is your brand, be creative and personal.


What values can you bring forth? I know it sounds like an interview question, but you need to build your portfolio based on this question because it is what potential clients want to know.

Your portfolio works while you sleep

Have you heard about making money while you sleep? That's what your portfolio will do if you make it available and accessible. You might wake up the next morning to a new project!

Aside from landing you a gig or two, a portfolio can be used as your nurturing tool to keep you in clients' minds whenever they need you, especially if your portfolio leaves a strong impression on them. So never say NEVER, they say....... use visuals to make it more attractive and memorable.

Always ask for your previous employers and clients' testimonial!

Testimonials help to build a trustworthy working relationship because people are more inclined to engage if they know someone has worked with you.

What if you're bound to a confidentiality agreement with your previous clients? I hate to break it to you that you're treading on dangerous ground. It will be super tricky. The only way to go forward is asking their permissions or only disclose what kind of work you've done roughly without revealing who they are, but highlight the work you did for them. Stay vigilant because you don't want to end up with a lawsuit.

Creating a portfolio might be daunting, but it is the first step to take in the freelancing world. Without a portfolio attached on your profile, you are less likely to attract potential clients to hire you.

What if you don't have enough experience to put in your portfolio? You can work on a pet project based on the skillset that you wish to market and use it as a portfolio. If you have your 'on-the-side' gigs that you work on; selling on carousell or instagram photography or personal blog, don't be ashamed to put it in! Alternatively, you can showcase your education background and add in projects you did during school.

All things considered, get up, go outside to network and always be ready to pitch yourself. Someone out there is always looking out for fresh talents, and you might be in luck!

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Weni Tjhi

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