Design Considerations in China

Designing is a complex and abstract process. It involves identifying the requirements, researching, generating and expanding on ideas, producing the design, testing, analysing and then potentially redesigning it. When entering a new market, design is inevitably THE aspect of your business which presents and defines your product or service to consumers. However, cultures, attitudes and consumers differ globally, and while an offering may receive a roaring response in one market, that is no guarantee that it will be successful in another market.

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Top 5 Most Commonly Outsourced Jobs

Outsourcing works very well for businesses because it takes a lot off their shoulders. If you have not tapped on it, you probably should soon! Alibaba, Google, Slack, WhatsApp and many other big guys outsource their work and grow their business at the same time.

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Gig Economy, Boon or Bane for Businesses in Singapore?

Did you know that more than 36% of the US workforce is part of the gig economy? And what about Singapore? Before we get there, what is the gig economy that everyone has been talking about?

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