Outsourcing works very well for businesses because it takes a lot off their shoulders. If you have not tapped on it, you probably should soon! Alibaba, Google, Slack, WhatsApp and many other big guys outsource their work and grow their business at the same time.

Outsourcing can be part of your business strategy to grow fast and many SMEs are adopting this to solve their talent crunch and leverage the benefits of outsourcing.

Having said that, let me share the top 5 jobs that are most commonly outsourced:

1. Web development


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There is no end to technology innovation. The demands for better websites and applications cannot be ignored especially with many competitors out there. You will need a team of real experts to go to market faster. So what is the best alternative if you don't have an in-house team of experts? Outsource it to keep up with your competitors and meet your customers' needs. This way, no time is spent on hiring and training, leaving more time for you to focus on your business.

2. Marketing


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A wide range of marketing work can be outsourced to a third party such as content writing, marketing campaign execution, email marketing, branding, social media marketing etc... Let's say you are a bootstrapping fintech company with four people who are focusing on business development, operations, finance, and IT, but you find yourself in need of marketing services as well. Instead of hiring a full-time marketer, you can outsource this need on a project basis to the third party experts and let the team focus on their niche.

3. Accounting


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Many SMEs and startups focus on product development, while payroll and tax are not their top priorities. Not that it's not immensely crucial, but it might be more expensive to hire an in-house accountant. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the hire would be a great fit and can perform the required tasks. The better alternative is to outsource such needs to accounting or payroll service companies or experts who understand the regulations very well and who might even charge you for much less! After all, there's no room for mistakes when it comes to $$$.

4. Customer Service


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By outsourcing your customer service especially your call center functions, you could save a lot of money! Most of the customer service experts are licensed and properly trained. Hence, they may even know how to handle complaints better than your internal staff. Terrific customer service is key to standing out from your competitors, and is often the reason for returning customers.

5. Human Resources


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Imagine spending weeks or months screening, interviewing and background checking, only to find out your hire does not fit right in the company. This causes you to end up spending more than you should. Hiring can be very excruciating and time-consuming. Why bother going through all that trouble when you can appoint an agency to do all that for you with the guarantee of finding you the right candidates? Even better, you can easily outsource it to freelancers online!

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The ultimate goals from outsourcing are cost-effectiveness, efficiency, convenience, and levelling of the playing field with competitors. Outsourcing projects helps your company to be cost-effective and save time, because you outsource what you need and when you need to. With the advancement of technology and the large pool of professionals with a wide range of skillsets who are ready to take on projects, you can easily outsource your work now.

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